21 Quotations Less Than 40 Words

Use quotation marks around whatever is directly quoted, and do not edit grammar, spelling, or punctuation within the quote.

In The Middle of a Sentence (Narrative)

Interpreting these results, Robbins et al. (2003) suggested that the therapists in dropout cases may have inadvertently validated parental negativity about the adolescent without adequately responding to the adolescent’s needs or concerns” (p. 541 ), contributing to an overall climate of negativity.

At the End of a Sentence (Parentheses)

Confusing this issue is the overlapping nature of roles in palliative care, whereby medical needs are met by those in the medical disciplines; nonmedical needs may be addressed by anyone on the team” (Csikai & Chaitin, 2006, p. 112).

(American Psychological Association,  2020, pp. 271-272)



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